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Our Services

Odema is one of the most experienced providers of IT support services in the UK.
With a wide range of skills to meet your needs, whatever your requirements.

  • In-House staging, configuring and testing
  • Remote support
  • Network design
  • Router, switch and access point configuration
  • Kitchen video system
  • Front counter POS installations
  • Back office server
  • Project deployment
  • System monitoring. Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Server virtualisation
  • Remote management
  • Special projects drive thru sensors
  • New openings
  • New restaurant builds
  • Digital menu board (Translites)
  • Self-Order kiosks maintenance and support
  • Coin dispensers (T-Flex)
  • Drive thru COD - Customer Order Display
  • Single Lane, dual lane (Side by Side) and Single lane 2 order points (Tandem)
  • Infrastructure cabinets (Wall or floor mounted)
  • Refurbishments (Complete CAT 5/6 re-cable)
  • CCTV Installations

Hardware / Software

Are you are looking to purchase a computer or laptop? Then why not let us quote you, we offer very competitive pricing for all hardware and software purchases. With brands ranging from HP, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Symantec and many more we can get it.


We can upgrade your existing network or we can work on expanding it to your requirements. With one of our network health checks we can then look at where any weak points are in your current setup and how we can help you get the most available from your network.


Our cabling team will work with you to complete a tidy and professional job.

Wireless Installations

Whether your company has multi locations throughout the UK or an office with multiple staff, having the best wireless hardware with the most up to date streamless products is a must have piece of equipment in this day and age!

Checking that all aspects of your current connection issues are rectified or even just upgrading your current system, Odema can give you solutions to provide the best output from your wireless hardware.

New Store & Drive Thru Installations

Odema are one of the exclusive installers to the biggest franchised restaurant in the world, McDonald’s restaurants.

Odema have been working with McDonald’s for over 15 years helping to develop and create higher technical standards. With this experience and McDonald’s being at the forefront of technology advances to IT EPoS integrations, Odema are able to offer a high level of experience in new technologies and how we can adapt an IT infrastructure to your business.

Software Configuration

Our configuration team at Odema can offer technical and practical advice on solutions. From re-imaging of software on to a new till to creating bespoke software to integrate with a newly purchased hardware in your restaurant or office. Odema are here to help!

Client case study

We have been developing an image with Pizza Hut restaurants for the past 12 months to enable Pizza Hut to move forward and away from their current order taking set up. Odema proposed a solution to create an image of their current EPoS system onto a tablet so that staff are eliminated from writing down the orders on paper meaning that turning tables can be quicker than ever.

With success Odema were able to assist Pizza Hut create and image tablets that we also sourced to make this happen.

We are pleased to announce that Pizza Hut are currently rolling out the tablet order taking service across the UK; planning to complete upgrading all their Huts by the end of 2016.

For more information call 0161 927 9398 or email info@odema.co.uk


We at Odema pride ourselves in being able to improve on current solutions within an organisation. IT Hardware is improving is constantly evolving. Here at Odema we understand that cost and efficiency is vital to our clients and so strive to provide our clients with the best possible service available without the worry of their systems becoming outdated too quickly.

Support Services

With services ranging from remote telephone support to onsite support we provide a managed service, tailored to suit the individual needs of your organisation, whether you are a small local business, a school or charity, or a national corporation.

Testing Environment and Upgrading

To have minimal disruption and delays on site, Odema offer a full testing store environment. This means that before the software and equipment is deployed to site, our highly qualified team of Software Developers and Engineers can fully test every possible scenario, before the installation takes place.

This enables reassurance for both Odema and you that if any hardware or software challenges occur, they can be rectified before the ‘Go Live’ date. Again in carrying out this process it provides cost and efficiency benefits across your project.

Another advantage of this service is that you are able to visit our Head Office development lab to review the project. We can then work together to rectify issues without delaying the job to create for you the best possible solution.

Data, Power and Networking

With the IT Industry constantly changing and evolving, it is important for businesses to keep their internal infrastructure with the most up-to-date hardware and cabling. Odema will personalise your system so as to offer the best advice on upgrading your networking solutions.

Whether it is your network that is underperforming in time and efficiency, Odema can offer the best pricing on new hardware as well. We can also offer a new solution which could be more reliable and ‘futureproof’ to your networking facilities. This means that you would not have to worry about being outdated in this fast paced IT lifestyle of the 21st century.

VOIP Installations and Call Management

Odema have partnered up with 3CX to deliver a VOIP solution for your office based phone systems. 3CX can integrate with your existing ISDN lines or you can use an internet SIP service provider to make and receive calls, this software based PBX has many functions including the ability to use your mobile phone as a remote extension of your desk extension (Requires app available for IOS and Android). The benefit of using Odema to install and provide this service means that there is minimal disruption to the office during the changeover.

EPoS Configuration

With client’s needs and requirements changing for each job, Odema have a dedicated team of Project Managers and specially qualified engineers to ensure flexibility and efficiency is applied to each job. This is to guarantee that the correct solution is configured to meet your exact requirements.

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