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Our Clients

Here are just a few of our clients and how we support them.

McDonald's Restaurants

We have remained one of McDonald's preferred partners of choice due to the unparalleled service that we provide. Over the years we have built a strong reputation based on leadership in, engineering excellence and cost-effective and reliability support, so much so that we have been accredited with “IT Supplier of the Year” award on a number of occasions.

As an experienced IT support supplier Odema has gained vast knowledge in working with the world’s leading restaurant chain having access to leading technologies. There are over 1200 restaurants to be found in a variety of locations such as traditional high streets; shopping centres; retail parks; roadside locations; leisure centres; railway; airport terminals and motorway service areas.

We also actively support the RMHC - Ronald McDonald House Charities in both IT support and charity fund raising events.

Pizza Hut Restaurants

Odema have been involved in a mass deployment of a WiFi installation project across the Pizza Hut estate totalling over 300+ restaurants. During this rollout we also re-configured the internal network for Pizza Hut to work across their new WAN whilst installing the AP’s which was involved us reconfiguring the Data switches, Routers, POS units and Back End Server. We have also been heavily involved with the rollout of hand held order takers (Tablets) across the estate running alongside the WiFi project where we have had to manage and mass deployment of 10+ devices for each restaurant. The Tablet project is currently ongoing with a possibility of another 50+ stores to rollout before the end of this year.

The Mere Golf & Spa Resort

At The Mere we have developed a close working relationship over a number of years where we have supplied and assisted in a number of their projects. We supplied the hardware for their EPoS systems as they were recently undergoing their expansion. As well as their EPoS solution we also setup their initial server configuration and network infrastructure which has since grown over the years.


Fork is a new coffee shop based in London. We have been working closely to provide them with our own unique EPoS solution with software that we have created in house. This project has had a lot of input from the customer regarding feature requests and any issues they have come across since the implementation back in January 2012. This was a big project due to the tasks of us writing our own software solution as well as the implementation. We have achieved a lot with project and learned a great deal from it as well. This is a currently active project with more features being added to the software product which the client has requested. Due to the distance in location we remotely support their site which is not a problem as we can facilitate all requirements.

Our Achievements

2012 - Installer of Epos, Network Infrastructure and Configuration of two of the largest restaurants on the planet - the 2012 Olympic Restaurant, At 3,000 sq ft the vast two storey restaurant served approximately 1,200 customers an hour during the games.

2012 - McDonald's IT Partner of the year award.

2007 - McDonald's IT Supplier of the year award.

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